New Landscape of Hope Explainer Video

Landscape of Hope, a youth oriented educational digital arts workshop and performance initiative, was launched in February 2019 in Montreal, Canada. In this nine-minute explainer video, co-founders Vivek Venkatesh, Director, Project Someone, and Owen Chapman, Associate Professor of Communication Studies of Concordia University, describe this endeavor as a “multi-stakeholder youth facing project that magnifies youth’s voices as they pertain to resilience.” The project is based on Landscape of Hate, a multimedia collective that explores the ways in which social media propagates hate speech.

Additional collaborators on the project include Annabelle Brault, music therapy Lecturer in the Creative Arts Therapies Department at Concordia University and Sandra Chang-Kredl, Associate Professor in the Department of Education, a developer of curriculum for educators and young people regarding hate and discrimination in social media. Professor Chang-Kredl maintains that fine arts and media arts programs like these are on the cutting edge of making real world impacts on youth.

Although the focus of the project is the creation of a space for youth to express themselves on these topics, Landscape of Hope also helps to break down barriers between academia and the public through accessibility thanks to university resources and funding agencies that support it.