Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team

The project is run by Dr. Vivek Venkatesh –UNESCO co-Chair in Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism, and Full Professor of Inclusive Practices in Visual Arts in the Department of Art Education at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University. Since the start of the project, Venkatesh has been assisted by an interdisciplinary team of SOMEONE researchers and researcher-practitioners most notably, Ms. Kathryn Urbaniak, Dr. Tieja Thomas, Dr. Nicole Fournier-Sylvester, Dr. Sandra Chang-Kredl, Dr. Jihan Rabah, Dr. Juan Carlos Castro, Dr. Owen Chapman, Dr. Ketra Schmitt, Dr. Jason Wallin, Dr. Jeffrey Podoshen, Dr. Robert McGray, Dr. Ayaz Naseem, Dr. Adeela Arshad-Ayaz, Dr. Martin Lalonde, and Ms. Sarmista Das.

Our team members are from all four faculties at Concordia, as well as Champlain College (Montréal), the University of Alberta (Edmonton), and Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, Pennsylvania). Our project brings researchers and practitioners with a wide range of expertise including consumer consumption and cultural theory, peace education, terrorism risk assessment, psychoanalytics, social and public pedagogy, feminism, citizen education, discourse analysis, classroom usage of social media, and art education.

Announcement of Community Resilience Fund award to Project SOMEONE – September 2017

Back row, left to right: Marc Miller Member of Parliament (Ville-Marie — Le Sud-Ouest — Île-des-Soeurs); Nicole Fournier-Sylvester; Vivek Venkatesh; Justin Powlowski (Associate Vice-President, Research & Graduate Studies, Concordia University).
Front row, left to right: Jihan Rabah; Kathryn Urbaniak; Juan Carlos-Castro.

(Photo credit: Concordia University. All rights reserved.)


Vivek Venkatesh, Robert McGray, Tieja Thomas, Jihan Rabah, Kathryn Urbaniak


Additional Researchers: Adeela Arshad-Ayaz, Amy Swiffen, Andre Gagne, Ayaz Naseem, Brad Nelson, David Hall, David Morin, Diane Querrien, Élisabeth Kaine, Ghayda Hassan, Jason Wallin, Jeff Podoshen, Jessie L. Beier, Juan Carlos Castro, Ketra Schmitt,  Lucy Lu, Martin Lalonde, Mathieu Cook, Nykkie Lugosi-Schimpf, Owen Chapman, Paul Gareau, Robert McGray, Sarmista Das, Sandra Chang-Kredl, Tasleem Budwani


Post-doctoral Fellows: Jihan Rabah (2016-2018), Ryan Scrivens (2017-2019), Danny Mamlok (2018-2020), Maxime Bérubé  (2019-2020), Méi-Ra St-Laurent (2020-2022)


Research Assistants: Anna Saint-Martin, Ashley Montgomery, Dalia Elsayed, Emma June Huebner, Éva Roy, Jihène Hichri, Lou Raskin, Marilou Lyonnais, Melissa Granovsky, Michel Poulin, Nik Forrest, Rawda Harb, Veronica Mockler


Past Interns and Research Assistants: Christopher Dufort, Colleen Leonard, Dezy Nair, Ehsan Akbari, Emma Haraké, Jennifer Faucher, Julien Younes, Kathy Pauls Léah Snider, Manasvini Narayana, Marc-Antoine Bertrand, Marie-Pierre Labrie, Michelle Savard, Milagros Lopez Daglio, Laurie-Anne Beaulieu, Olivia Morson, Peter Dimitrakopoulos, Quinten Sheriff, Racha Cheikh-Ibrahim, Ramya Panchacharam, Stephanie Kozak, Whitney Slipp