Learning to Hate: An Anti-Hate Comic Project

These online graphic resources investigate the ways in which hate speech is experienced and negotiated in the contemporary lives of youth. Designed for preservice and practicing teachers, these mini-comics support lesson plans and catalyze classroom conversation on hate and hate speech. 

Jessie Beier and Jason Wallin of University of Alberta talk about Learning to Hate: An Anti-Hate Comic Project.



Also, Jason Wallin spoke to Peter Watts of 630 CHED about his project Learning to Hate: An Anti-hate Comic Book Project on 19th November, 2016.  Listen here.


Navigating Hate: A Primer for Educators

The following video series “Navigating Hate: A Primer for Educators” has been developed for pre-service educators.



The participants were:
Jessie Beier, University of Alberta
Cathryn van Kessel, University of Alberta
Cory Nicotine, Youth Activist
Mary Pinkoski, University of Alberta
Vivek Venkatesh, Concordia University
Jason Wallin, University of Alberta

Poetry performance

Mary Pinkoski reads her poem titled “Naming”. This was recorded at The Drawing Room, Edmonton, Alberta.

Naming – Poem pdf



Research and preliminary design for these comics were carried out by Shelley Barton, Robert Batke, Ellen Fritz, Stacey Keeler, Jingwen Niu, Erin Ochoa, Mary Pinkoski, Susan Sych, Jing Wu, and Kelli Yakimowich. Production design was carried out by Jessie L. Beier.

Sample Creative Pre-Design Process pdf


Jason Wallin PhD

Jason Wallin is Professor of Media and Youth Culture Studies in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta.
Jessie Beier

Jessie Beier is a teacher, artist, writer and conjurer of weird pedagogies for unthought futures. Beier is currently a Horizon Postdoctoral Fellow at Concordia University whose current research-creation practice experiments with developing ecological dissensus and heretical forms of pedagogy aimed at collective practices of negation, refusal and fabulation.