Learning to Hate: An Anti-Hate Comic Project

Learning to Hate: An Anti-Hate Comic Project

These online graphic resources examine the different ways young people today perceive and overcome hate speech. Designed for pre-service and practicing teachers, these short comics reinforce lesson plans and encourage classroom discussions about hate and hate speech.

Jessie Beier and Jason Wallin of University of Alberta talk about Learning to Hate: An Anti-Hate Comic Project.

Research and preliminary design for these comics were carried out by Shelley Barton, Robert Batke, Ellen Fritz, Stacey Keeler, Jingwen Niu, Erin Ochoa, Mary Pinkoski, Susan Sych, Jing Wu, and Kelli Yakimowich. Production design was carried out by Jessie L. Beier.

Sample Creative Pre-Design Process

Red Road


Microaggressions at the Mall

Learning to Hate


Hate Speech vs Free Speech

Class of the 21st Century

Caution Handle Labels with Care

Adventures in Trolling


Mary Pinkoski reads her poem titled “Naming”. This was recorded at The Drawing Room, Edmonton, Alberta.

Naming Poem PDF

Navigating Hate: A Primer for Educators

The following video series “Navigating Hate: A Primer for Educators” has been developed for pre-service educators.