Below are a range of resources that are free for use. Please contact us if you would like to develop new materials in partnership with Project Someone.

Instructional materials

Project SOMEONE researchers and collaborator have co-created a variety of curricular resources to help teachers, educators, social workers and community leaders tackle problems associated with hate speech, racism, profiling and violent extremism. Follow the links below to read, view and hear more about these projects and to download related documents, worksheets and arts-based pedagogies.

Literary peace project (lesson plans)

Online other  (lesson plans)

Visualizing empathy (lesson plans/guided missions 1,2, 3)

Think critically  (guidelines)

Children on social media  (infographics and visuals)

Learning to hate: an anti-hate comic project (visuals)

Adult education and online hate  (guidelines)

Digital Citizens of Tomorrow (Workbook for school teachers)

Digital Citizens of Tomorrow  (Workbook for school teachers in Arabic)

Digital Empowerment (Workbook for social workers in Arabic)

Online Media and the Critical Thinker (Workbook for media activists in Arabic)

Web 2.0 – a Platform for Peace (Workbook for university instructors)

Landscape of Hope Evaluation guidebook (tools for arts-based and resilience-based initiatives)

Instructional videos

Are you looking to incorporate a video into your curriculum or pedagogical approach to sensitize your learners to hate speech, racism, radicalisation, profiling or violent extremism? Look no further than these thoroughly researched and high-quality interviews, performances and documentaries which you can easily embed or link to in your own classroom syllabi.

Navigating Hate: A Primer for Educators 4 part video series for pre-service teachers (Introduction, Is hate on the rise?, What do we mean when we talk about hate?, How to confront and dismantle?)

Someone in the Community 4 documentaries. Solidarité Mercier-Est, Chez-Nous de Mercier-Est, Maison des familles, Antre-Jeunes.

The Dark Side of Social Media short documentary, 13-minute video

What is hate speech? 2-minute video

Can hate speech be justified?  3-minute video

Conversations with Metal Music Scene Members 10 videos of varying lengths

4 videos on adult education approaches 4 x 2-minute videos (Introduction, Virtual Theatre of the Oppressed, Virtual Appreciative Inquiry Asset, and Virtual Town Hall Meeting)

Poetry performance of “The Wrath of Religion” from the Literary Peace project, 2-minute video

Poetry performance of “Naming” from the Learning to hate: an anti-hate comic project, 3-minute video

Definitions of Hate 5-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Challenges specific to online hate 6-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Factors that lead to radicalization 5-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Radicalization – push and pull factors 5-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Techniques used by hate groups 5-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Dialogue, resilience and online hate 6-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Perspectives on prevention and resilience 6-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Fake news 2-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Interview with Bassel, journalist and activist. 3-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Interview with Maxime, former extremist. Supplementary 18-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Interview with Mubin, former extremist. Supplementary 13-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Interview with Brad, former extremist. Supplementary 23-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC

Interview with Abood, former refugee. Supplementary 19-minute video from “Hate to Hope” MOOC


Online courses and webinars

Our researchers and creators have developed online courses, led webinars and developed instructional modules with international partners. You can check these out by following the links below:


From Hate to Hope: Building Understanding and Resilience (Massive Open Online Course)

Addressing Online Hate online module as part of cybersec 101

Hatred in an Era of Misinformation: Lessons from Former Extremists webinar as part of media literacy week 2018

Social Pedagogy to Promote Pluralistic Dialogues in Classrooms: Lessons from Project SOMEONE webinar for APOP (Association for the Educational Application of Computer Technology at the Post-Secondary Level)

Youth and Social Media: Potential Paths to Radicalization webinar for The Conference Board of Canada (registration required)

Integrating Digital Technologies and Social Media In Learning Environments (EDUC307) at Concordia University (registration required)

PROFILE: A toolkit against racism and bias  webinar for Concordia University “CU at Home”

Recorded presentations, lectures and workshops

If you are looking for a recording of lectures and methodology workshops delivered by some of our researchers, you need look no further than here.


Life After Hate – The Walrus Talks Living Better Series 7 minute video

Corpus-assisted (critical) discourse analysis (CACDA) methodology  workshop  and hands-on session from Prejudice du jour project, 2 x 30-minute videos

Critical analysis of IS social media videos presentation, 26-minute video

Theatrics of hate presentation at CICC (Centre International de Criminologie Compare), 30-minute video

Communal and Individual Politics in the Extreme Metal Artform lecture at Concordia University  42-minute video

Sexual Violence and Misogyny in Lyrical and Literary Frameworks panel and improvisational reading, 60- and 20-minute videos

Spectacles of Hate Speech presentation and Q&A, 60- and 40-minute videos



We’ve created a unique series of podcasts with partners in human rights organisations as well as our collaborators in cultural scenes. You can check these out by following the links below:

Speaking Rights podcast – Motivate. In partnership with Equitas. 12 minutes

What’s that noise. Volume 12: Right-Wing Extremism 60 minutes

Deciphering Norms of Media Consumption in Extreme Metal – a podcast series

Propositions for Cultural Reappropriation 35 minutes

Balancing Free Speech, Critical Thinking and Media Literacy 29 minutes

Social Media: The Good, the Bad and the Unforgivable  34 minutes

Women in Metal: Underdogs or Equals? 29 minutes