Landscape of Hope Round Table and Performance for Art and Pedagogy Study Day

To mark twenty years of dedication to creative pedagogy, Centre Turbine held a Study Day dedicated to Art and Current Pedagogies on November 9-10, 2020.


On November 10, The Landscape of Hope collective’s Vivek Venkatesh and Martin Lalonde took part in a round table discussion about pedagogy as artistic practice.

Watch the video here:

A live multimedia performance titled Listen to Reason followed and included Landscape of Hope members Annabelle Brault, Sandra Chang-Kredl, Owen Chapman, Martin Lalonde, Kathryn Urbaniak, Vivek Venkatesh, Marilou Lyonnais-Archambault, Nik Forrest, Michel Poulin, Lou Raskin, and Éva Roy. Participants were also invited to collaborate on this performance by sharing their visions through video and sound art.

Held in collaboration with the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, the two-day live-streamed event brought together people from various fields to explore the relationship between pedagogy and art.