Words in Context

The Words in Context database was developed to critically analyze online discourses related to themes and topics of interest to Lebanon and its neighbours in 2018. The database also contains Canadian data gathered in 2016 and 2017. The project uses Corpus-Assisted Critical Discourse Analysis to critically analyze recent hate discourse on popular online spaces such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

The focus of the project is on the Lebanese and Canadian contexts and aims to inform and shape public policy on these issues of extremism, misogyny and gender-based violence. Government and community leaders, researchers and practitioners can access this valuable tool to detect patterns and trends of online hate.

The data can be accessed by theme or keyword. Each theme is also presented as a policy brief. The raw data are publicly available for download.

The database only consists of English and Arabic corpora. We will be adding French translations as they become available.

This project was funded by Global Affairs Canada (2018-2019).


Kathryn Urbaniak

Kathryn Urbaniak is Program Manager at Project Someone, Concordia University. She is an experienced research professional and learning experience designer with degrees in Educational technology, Information Technology, and Business.
Manasvini Narayana PhD

Manasvini is a long-time practitioner in the field of education, with a PhD that explores curriculum in Higher Education. Her professional and research interests span educational technology, the links between education and work, and the evolving nature of universities.

Rawda Harb

Rawda Harb is a Ph.D. student working on supporting at-risk youth in Montreal's adult education centers. She is the founder of Communité, an educator at LBPSB and researcher at Project Someone.
Simon Rodier

Simon Rodier is an Educational Technology student at Concordia University with a background in computer science. His interests include adapting computational methods to help humans make better sense of ever-expanding textual resources, particularly when it comes to social media texts that deal with controversial issues.

Tieja Thomas PhD

Tieja Thomas is a researcher and educator who studies issues at the intersections of citizenship education, educational technology, and social change. Specifically, she thinks, teaches, and writes about the social risks and opportunities associated with advances in new communication technologies and their effect on citizens’ wellbeing.