Upcoming webinar on Landscape of Hope guidebook

Landscape of Hope guidebook webinar promotional posterThe Landscape of Hope team is hosting an upcoming webinar on evaluating community arts-based projects. The webinar will be offered bilingually––first in English on November 22nd (6pm) and then in French on November 24th (5 pm).

This past September, Landscape of Hope team members Emma June Huebner and Ashley S. Montgomery put together a guidebook to evaluating art-driven and resilience-based initiatives like their own, based on criteria developed by the Anti-Racism Action Program (ARAP).

While the evaluation guidebook is intended to support Landscape of Hope researchers and partners in measuring the success and effectiveness of their work, it will serve as a practical tool to any organization or researcher undertaking similar work at the intersection of social justice, education and the arts.

To register for the webinar, please email the Project Someone team.