The Dark Side of Social Media

Our documentary narrates stories of individuals who have been victimized as a result of information propagated through social media. With the growth of social media, hateful messages have rapidly spread outwards from labeled ‘hate sites’ to seemingly non-harmful social interaction. The main objective of this research is to highlight the complexity and intersectionality involved in cyber violence when we talk about marginalized identities.

Adeela Arshad-Ayaz talks about her documentary project.




Jihan Rabah PhD

Jihan Rabah is currently Vice President, Research and Analysis at eConcordia/KnowledgeOne. She was a Mitacs postdoctoral research fellow at Project Someone from 2016 to 2018. Her research interests are grounded in the affordances of digital technologies in education, specifically the intersections of liberating and/or oppressing roles social media can play in learning environments.

Adeela Arshad-Ayaz PhD (Principal investigator)

Arshad-Ayaz obtained her Ph.D. from McGill University in Sociology of Education. She is currently an Associate Professor of Educational Studies at Concordia University. Adeela’s teaching and research interests are in the areas of diversity/anti-racism; sociology of technology, especially ‘hate speech, violence, extremism and ‘othering’ on social media; international development; globalization and responsible citizenship.