Stacey Cann and Victoria Stanton featured on the Concordia website

Stacey Cann and Victoria Stanton, who both collaborate on Project Someone’s Innovative Social Pedagogy project, were recently interviewed for the Concordia University website. In the article (linked below) Stacey and Victoria discussed the importance of incorporating the slow movement to the university setting, and how creating the Bureau of Noncompetitive Research was an important step in this direction.

As Stacey explains in the article, “[…] when people work cooperatively, they come up with better ideas. When we overemphasize competitiveness and the speed of getting things done, there’s no longer space for that. In reality, Victoria and I are competing for a limited amount of funding. The bureau is about creating a place where we can think together rather than compete with one another.”

Congratulations to Stacey and Victoria!

Read the article here.