Emotive Cyber Speech

The Emotive Cyber Speech application lets users search what the media and Twitter users are discussing on Twitter. See if certain terms, typically used in discriminating speech, are being mimicked across high profile accounts.

With EmotiveCyberSpeech, our goal was to create a platform for users to explore different expressions and words used by online personalities and the media, and that are often in use in what is perceived as hate speech. Our early intentions were to make an application that would display real-time analysis of hate speech within online forums. Key metrics being the quantity, spread, and rate of change, in discriminatory online behavior. Our aim was to provide analysis for multiple forms of discrimination such as homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, xenophobia, religious discrimination, ableism, ageism, and classism. But in order to implement such an application, hate speech would need to be clearly defined – a definition that has yet to be done. Therefore, to avoid imposing a definition, we assembled common word groupings and allowed the user to investigate their choice of associations and compare the usage of these themes across Twitter accounts. 

The application is only available in English. The link will be made available shortly.



Ketra Schmitt

Ketra Schmitt is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Engineering in Society. Her research employs technology policy and systems engineering approaches to issues at the intersection of sustainability, health and policy. She is also an advocate for inclusion and equality, with a particular focus on LGBT rights, women in engineering and work-life balance. 
Liuai Hatter

Liuai Hatter is a software engineer and animator. She graduated from Concordia University with a B.Eng. in 2018 and BFA in 2014. Currently, she develops software solutions to assist marginalized people. She collaborates with ASTT(e)Q, a non-profit focused on helping trans people in health and well-being. She is interested in the analysis of online environments and user interactions. Her goal is to develop a responsive AI to combat online hate and bullying.