Project Someone director, Vivek Venkatesh, is a guest on the Lac-à-L’Épaule podcast, hosted by Charles-Olivier Roy

Project Someone director Vivek Venkatesh was recently a guest on Charles-Olivier Roy’s new podcast, Lac-à-L’Épaule, funded by the FQRSC. The Lac-à-L’Épaule podcast was created to promote discussion between guests and present audacious propositions on ways to improve Quebec socially. Along with Roy and fellow guest, urban planner and proponent of collaborative and civic innovation Jimmy Paquet Cormier, Venkatesh discusses the mission of Project Someone and various projects under its umbrella. Venkatesh, Cormier and Roy also engage in a lively and thought-provoking discussion about the value of social innovation, the importance of pluralism, and drawing from utopias and dystopias to build a positive future.

You can give the episode a listen on Spotify, Anchor, and Apple podcasts.Please note, the podcast is only available in French.