Posters of Misappropriated Runic Symbols Going to Auction to Fight Discrimination

In September 2017, Grimposium and Enslaved teamed up in Québec City, Canada for the one-off NordiQC festival—a celebration of Bergen-based music, culture, tattoo and visual art. As part of the public engagement activities at NordiQC, Grimposium founder Vivek Venkatesh and Enslaved founders Ivar Bjørnson and Kjetil Grutle teamed up with Québec-based visual artist Filip Ivanović to create a video reclaiming runic narratives from right-wing extremists. Bjørnson and Grutle drew out 24 Runic symbols on Ivanović’s NordiQC posters, explained the meaning of each of these, and talked about how they were being misappropriated by extremist groups to promote racist ideals.

Now, in July of 2019, Grimposium and Enslaved are proud to collaborate with Eistnaflug to auction these unique posters—which have been signed by all the members of Enslaved—during the festival itself! Proceeds from the auction will be donated to local Icelandic initiatives that promote community resilience to discrimination.