New Policy Briefs Targeting Canadian Social Issues

As part of our work with the Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence’s Community Resilience Fund (CRF), Project SOMEONE is proud to announce the completion of a series of policy briefs that target a number of contemporary social issues with a potential for radicalization and violence in Canada.

The five policy briefs (available in English only) were developed by Tieja Thomas, Jennifer Faucher, Jennifer Morrow, and Peter Dimitrakopoulos. These summarize the findings from our CACDA (Corpus Assisted Critical Discourse Analysis) of specific online conversations in Canada surrounding themes of Islamophobia, misogyny towards female parliamentarians, the Far Right, multiculturalism, and missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. Each brief contains a summary, methodology, discussion and reference, as well as suggested readings.

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To view and download the briefs, please click below:

Indigenous Relations in Canada

Islamophobia in Canada

Multiculturalism in Canada

Online Misogyny in Canadian Politics

The Far-Right in Canada