New Infographics Tool to Combat Racial and Social Profiling


Project SOMEONE is currently collaborating with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO on a project to develop infographics, as part of a tool kit that will help inform issues surrounding racial and social profiling in marginalized communities.

We aim to create multimedia stories with these communities to represent diverse experiences, as well as co-create pluralistic dialogue spaces with key stakeholders from various sectors of society.

With this in mind, we are currently organizing a unique event: a public panel on racial profiling and youth workshop, followed by a show by Landscape of Hate and Pig Destroyer on July 26 at the Corona Theater. The data from these interventions will contribute to this toolbox.

This project was developed by Léah Snider, Emma Haraké, Kathryn Urbaniak, Manasvini Narayana and Vivek Venkatesh.

EN – Silent LANDSCAPE_Jun17_2019