New CPN-PREV Systematic Review on Prevention of Violent Radicalization Programs

The Canadian Practitioners Network for the Prevention of Radicalization and Extremist Violence (CPN-PREV), an evidence-based and practitioners-centered network funded by Public Safety Canada’s Community Resilience Fund and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, recently published A Systematic Review on the Outcomes of Primary and Secondary Prevention Programs in the Field of Violent Radicalization.


The authors include CSLP and Project Someone members and collaborators Ghayda Hassan, Cécile Rousseau, Vivek Venkatesh, David Morin, Jihan Rabah, and David Pickup, as well as co-authors Sébastien Brouillette-Alarie, Sarah Ousman, Deniz Kilinc, Éléa Laetitia Savard, Wynnpaul Varela, Lysiane Lavoie, Arber Fetiu, Shandon Harris-Hogan, Evgueni Borokhovski, Pablo Madriaza, Sara K. Thompson, John McCoy, Mylène Boivin, Manasvini Srimathi Narayana, and Emmanuel Danis.


The 149-page comprehensive report looks at the rise in extremist threats worldwide over the past two decades that have led governments to respond by investing significant amounts of money in the prevention of violent radicalization and extremism. However, their effectiveness and possible repercussions remain largely unknown. With this in mind, the Systematic Review examines the effectiveness of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention programs in preventing violent extremism (PVE) and evaluates their ability to counter violent radicalization successfully.


You can access the report here: CPN-PREV – 2nd Systematic Review