New article on the “collateral damage” of COVID-19 in The Conversation, Le Journal Métro


From left to right: Dr. Cécile Rousseau, Dr. Vivek Venkatesh, Dr. Ghayda Hassan and Dr. David Morin.

Project Someone director Vivek Venkatesh recently got together with UNESCO-PREV co-chairs David Morin and Ghayda Hassan, alongside colleague Cécile Rousseau, to share with the public some key takeaways from their research on the social and cultural impacts of COVID-19 on marginalized communities. Writing for The Conversation, the authors draw connections between a political climate polarized by racial violence, economic precarity, and social isolation, demonstrating how these factors have disproportionately affected those already on the margins. Just republished in the Journal Métro, the article combines the authors’ interdisciplinary expertise to highlight the essential role of social policy, education and the media, alongside public health measures, in responding to the pandemic. “Beyond the physical health impact of COVID-19 on society,” they write, “the related interpersonal and social violence can be devastating, and require immediate attention.” 


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