Lesson 2: The Others

Within both physical and virtual spaces, one’s identity is always entangled within the identities of others. Our identity is partly formed by the collective groups to which we belong such as family, friends, classmates and peers. We are also influenced by the shared physical and virtual spaces we inhabit every day. In this lesson, we consider the criteria we use to include and exclude others, and also how we can co-exist ethically in shared spaces with others who are not part of our social circles. This lesson provides the platform to explicitly think about responsible digital citizenship. 

 Lesson Objectives: 

  • To identify behaviours and attitudes the influence inclusion and exclusion of people within one’s peer group.  
  • Identify the attitudes that favour the inclusion and integration of difference. 
  • Participate in discussions about values and codes of conduct as global citizens. 
  • Implement behaviours that encourage the development of common values within social networks. 

Example Missions: