Launch of PROFILE: A Toolkit to Combat Racial and Social Profiling


The Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCUNESCO), and Vivek Venkatesh, co-Chair of the UNESCO Chair on the Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism (UNESCO-PREV) and Director of Project SOMEONE are launching PROFILE, an educational toolkit to combat racial and social profiling.


The toolkit, the goal of which is to create a better awareness and understanding of racial and social profiling to confront the issue through a constructive approach, is geared toward front-line community leaders, health providers, educators, and the police. 


In a joint press release, Venkatesh explains, “We need to include the voices and stories of those who are most marginalized in our society, using multi-stakeholder approaches to combat the insidious disease of profiling. Mental health, social services, public safety, public security, community activism and education must work together to rid ourselves of this terrible social ill.” In the same press release, Sébastien Goupil, Secretary-General of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, adds, “Now is not the time for observations, but for action. We must unite our voices and our strengths to bring concrete solutions. This is the whole intention behind PROFILE.”


The multimedia version of the PROFILE toolkit, including data and videos, is available on the Project SOMEONE website: