Landscape of Hope Performance and Panel for MTL Connect Digital Week

Landscape of Hope, a unique performative pedagogy that magnifies youth narratives as they pertain to building resilience against racism, discrimination, prejudice, and cyberbullying, will participate in <MTL> Connect on October 13, 2020, from 4:15-4:50 PM.

By hosting youth-led and designed workshops, the collective aims to empower youth with critical digital literacy skills and social media tools to create cutting-edge multimedia performances and installations that describe their experiences with hate.

This event will feature a performance and installation, followed by a panel discussion with Landscape of Hope‘s musicians, visual artists, and creative members, including Concordia University’s Vivek Venkatesh, Kathryn Urbaniak, Sandra Chang-Kredl, Owen Chapman, and Annabelle Brault.

For more information and to register, please click here.