Landscape of Hate Festspillene i Bergen videos

Videos from the Norwegian Festspillene i Bergen Landscape of Hate panel and performance are now available for viewing. 
Recorded on May 26, the panel participants were cartoonist Josef Yohannes, the Danish human rights and internet activist Emma Holten and Canadian ambassador to Norway, Artur Wilczynski. The discussion was led by Landscape of Hate creator Vivek Venkatesh, who also works on the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism as a UNESCO co-Chair. 

After the panel, there was a live performance by the following Landscape of Hate collective.
Musicians: Vivek Venkatesh, Owen Chapman, Jason Wallin, softcoresoft, anabasine 
Video artists: David Hall, Martin Lalonde
Lyrics: Vivek Venkatesh, David Hall
These videos were produced by Festspillene i Bergen.
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