Landscape of Hate and Pig Destroyer Event- Montreal 2019

Grimposium, Project SOMEONE and their long-standing partner Heavy Montreal are proud to announce the return of grindcore legends Pig Destroyer to Montreal on Friday, July 26, 2019. This powerful and intimate event will open with local electronic improv outfit, Landscape of Hate, run by Project Someone director Vivek Venkatesh and his colleague Owen Chapman of Concordia University. Performing in Landscape of Hate will be Vivek Venkatesh, anabasine, Jason Wallin, and Annabelle Brault. Visuals by David Hall. Music composed by Vivek Venkatesh, Owen Chapman, and anabasine.

This event will also offer creative workshops with both bands and a panel discussion on racial and social profiling featuring local activists, youth and community leaders. Workshops and panel session are free to the public. The full schedule of activities will be announced in mid-July on

Tickets for this unique event are on sale shortly here