Great turnout at the Canadian premiere of Landscape of Hope

The exhibition & performance took place on February 20, 2019 at Concordia’s new 4th Space, following a day of workshops during which student participants from the University, as well as from French and English CEGEPs were invited to share experiences and discuss multiple perspectives about cyberbullying.

This Concordia arts-based education initiative was led by Vivek Venkatesh, director of Project Someone and UNESCO Co-Chair for the Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism, and Associate Professor of Inclusive Practices in Visual Arts in the Department of Art Education at the Faculty of Fine Arts, as well as colleague and Associate Professor of Communication Studies Owen Chapman, in collaboration with Sandra Chang-Kredl, Associate Professor in the Department of Education and Music Therapy Lecturer Annabelle Brault.

View a short clip of the Montreal performance.

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Photo and video credit: Grace Mendenhall and Émilie Trudeau