Nouvelle publication sur « l’empathie nécrophilique chez Cervantes »

Bradley Nelson et Vivek Venkatesh de l’Université Concordia, en collaboration avec Jason Wallin de l’Université de l’Alberta, ont récemment publié un nouvel article en anglais intitulé “Necrophilic Empathy: An Urgent Reading of Miguel de Cervantes’s La Numancia” (Empathie nécrophilique : une lecture urgente de La Numancia de Miguel de Cervantes) dans Hispanic Issues On Line.

Selon la préface (actuellement disponible uniquement en anglais), « This essay continues a conversation that began several years ago between Brad Nelson, an early modern scholar of Hispanic literature, and two specialists in Education, Vivek Venkatesh and Jason Wallin, concerning the use and misuse of public spectacle and the social media that frame said spectacles with respect to the modern phenomenon of hate speech. Nelson’s research has centered on emblematic allegory, the political use of visual spectacle and, lately, aesthetic mediations of early modern scientific thought. His interest in the religious, ethnic, and racial ‘othering’ that occurs with such frequency and efficacy in Spanish Golden Age theater was the point of departure for fruitful discussions and collaborations with Venkatesh’s and Wallin’s work on homologous modes of violence in and surrounding various extreme metal scenes. Venkatesh has theorised how individual and communal identities influence the production and consumption of narratives of dystopia, racism, violence and terrorism in post-modern contexts. His work is grounded in elements of social pedagogy, which—in an era of post-web 2.0—advocate for the reflexive and inclusive adoption of mobile and digital media in creating frameworks for pluralistic dialogues. Wallin’s research attends to the psychoanalysis of hate and its vehicles in popular media and media consumption. Attending specifically to film and music media that explore hatred and horror, Wallin’s work attempts to articulate the precursors of hate and the particular psychological make-up that founds hateful speech and actions » (97–98).

L’article fait partie de la revue académique en ligne Writing in the End Times : Apocalyptic Imagination in the Hispanic World, (L’écriture à la fin des temps : L’imagination apocalyptique dans le monde hispanique), le dernier volume de Hispanic Issues On Line et édité par David Castillo et Bradley Nelson.

Vous pouvez lire l’article complet en accès libre en cliquant ici.

 Référence bibliographique :

 Bradley Nelson, Vivek Venkatesh, and Jason Wallin. “Necrophilic Empathy: An Urgent Reading of Miguel de Cervantes’s La Numancia.” Writing in the End Times: Apocalyptic Imagination in the Hispanic World. Ed. David Castillo and Brad Nelson. Hispanic Issues On Line 23 (2019): 97–124.