Episode 1 of the Landscape of Hope Podcast is now available

How can hate be expressed and reclaimed? How can a performance provide a new form of expressing complicated, even paradoxical feelings related to hate and hope? How is listening connected to feeling?

These questions are layered with no readily available answers. Instead, Landscape of Hope dives into these ideas through mostly-improvised multimedia performances that mix sampling practices with live music, synthesizers, and projections. In order to adapt these critical and creative interventions into a podcast format, the Landscape of Hope podcast team use their reactions to live recordings as a springboard into deeper inquiries relating to the project’s formation. With co-founders Owen Chapman and Vivek Venkatesh, the podcast reflects on the open-ended process of working through and with hate via arts- and performance-based practices.

Originally produced May 2021

Written, edited, and presented by Lou Raskin

With contributions from Angus Tarnawsky, Caitlin Chan, Piper Curtis, and Devon Bate

Special thanks to Owen Chapman, Vivek Venkatesh, and Jessie Beier