Director Vivek Venkatesh and Dr. Ryan Scrivens to speak at Norwegian seminar on terrorism and technology

Scrivens and Venkatesh

Director Vivek Venkatesh, alongside Ryan Scrivens, former Project Someone postdoc and Assistant professor at Michigan State’s School of Criminal Justice, will be speaking at an upcoming seminar on the topic of terrorism and technology, organized by the Consortium for Research on Terrorism and International Crime at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. 

The seminar, titled What role does technology play in violent extremism and terrorism?, takes place this Wednesday, September 29th. Speakers will discuss the Internet as a key facilitator of violent extremism, in response to a recent report by the Global Network on Extremism & Technology. Venkatesh and Scrivens will present their findings on interviews they conducted with former Canadian right-wing extremists about their use of the Internet and the interrelation between their on- and offline worlds. 

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Watch a recording of this event below: