Digital Literacy in Lebanon

Between April 2018 and April 2019 Project Someone partnered with five NGOs in Lebanon to design and deliver a series of workshops. The workshops focussed primarily on critical digital literacy and social pedagogy in an aim to build capacity and empower Lebanese communities.



The partner organisations work with different minority groups including special needs individuals (Youth Association of the Blind and the Inclusion Network), women (Collective for Research and Training Development Action), Syrian refugees (Basmeh and Zeitooneh), Palestinian refugees (Majed Abu Sharar Media Foundation), and youth in K—12 settings as represented by Heritage College.

After a rigorous needs assessment, the heads of the partner organizations, co-developers, and co-facilitators from the fabric of the Lebanese community worked together in the development, implementation, and the contextualization of the workshop materials. This strategy ensured that the voices of the minorities were heard through local case studies and storytelling that participants would be able to relate to easily. The pedagogical materials were modified from existing Project Someone resources, from the Hate to Hope MOOC, and some created from new.

There were 4 types of workshops, 16 in total, held locally in Lebanon.

This project was funded by Global Affairs Canada (2018–2019).


Jihan Rabah PhD

Jihan Rabah is an analyst and educational development leader. Her recent professional experiences include being Vice President of Research and Analysis at eConcordia/ KnowledgeOne Inc, Co-Principal Investigator of Project SOMEONE, and a member of the UNESCO Chair on the Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism. 

Rawda Harb

Rawda Harb is a Ph.D. student working on supporting at-risk youth in Montreal's adult education centers. She is the founder of Communité, an educator at LBPSB and researcher at Project Someone.