Digital Citizens of Tomorrow Workbooks

In April of 2018, the UNESCO-PREV Chair received funding from Global Affairs Canada to collaborate with various community, scholastic and public policy stakeholders in Lebanon and create opportunities for primary prevention activities that build community resilience against violent extremism. Our team of experts at Project Someone collaborated with stakeholders at five organizations including Heritage College, the Majed Abu Sharar Media Foundation, the Youth Association for the Blind & Inclusion Network, the Collective for Research and Training on Development – Action, as well as Basmeh Wa Zaytouneh. Amongst the various resources we co-created with our stakeholders, we showcase herein the finalized versions of booklets of training materials (in English and Arabic) that address critical digital literacy, strategies to develop social media campaigns to counter violence and hateful rhetoric, thereby creating further capacity and more effective interactions between our Lebanese stakeholders and the marginalized as well as vulnerable populations they serve in their respective contexts.

English resources

Web 2.0: a platform for peace (not hate) – for university teachers (En)  

English and Arabic resources

 Digital Citizens of Tomorrow – for school teachers (En)

Digital Citizens of Tomorrow – for school teachers (Ar) 

Arabic resources

Digital Empowerment – for Social Workers (Ar)

Online Media and the Critical Thinker – for Media Activists (Ar)