Corpus-Assisted (Critical) Discourse Analysis – Workshop

Drs. Tieja Thomas and Vivek Venkatesh introduce methods for approaching research in digital environments. In this video they provide an overview of popular digital research methods and important methodological considerations.

In order to showcase one emerging digital research technique, Dr. Thomas presents analytic snapshots from her doctoral research program, which used corpus-assisted (critical) discourse analysis (CACDA). CACDA allows the digital researcher to carry out rigorous inductive analysis of large volumes of electronically encoded data by combining conventionally quantitative corpus linguistic techniques with typically qualitative critical discourse analytic methods.

In the second video of the workshop, they guide participants through hands-on CACDA of e-data. Participants are invited to consider ways of developing innovative methods for studying online spaces, communities, and digital culture by considering, for  example, the potential contributions of reflecting online site affordances within analytic approaches.

By the end of these videos, participants will come away with concrete strategies for thinking about, engaging in, and representing digital research.