Canadian Media Report on Recent Study by Project Someone on Former Right-Wing Extremists

Photo Credit: Concordia University

CBC News’s Jonathan Montpetit recently reported on new research on the process of radicalization from the optic of former right-wing extremists.

Co-authored by Project Someone Director, Vivek Venkatesh, and collaborators Maxime Bérubé, Ryan Scrivens and Tiana Gaudette, the study examines the pathways in and out of violent extremism and highlights the important role that “credible” former right-wing extremists can play in helping others exit the movement.

Their results were published in two articles in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism and Perspective on Terrorism.

To access the CBC News Story please click here.

Concordia University, CTV News, Journal Métro and CJAD 800 have also covered this research project that you can access by clicking on the links below:

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