Addressing online hate: new module

Today is the launch of the new bilingual module, Addressing Online Hate, which was developed with Serene-RISC. It provides different community organizations with tools so that they can, in turn, offer educational sessions to counter online hate. 

The module materials enable creating new workshops as well as providing resources to support existing ones, with the goal of helping learners recognize, identify and address different forms of hate speech and discrimination in their own communities and in broader society. Learners will also understand how online media is used to disseminate hate speech and discrimination and will be able to take part in online non-discriminatory dialogue. 



(From left to right) Benoît Dupont, Scientific Director at SERENE-RISC, Sandra Chang-Kredl, Associate Professor at Concordia University, Michael Joyce, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator at SERENE_RISC, and Vivek Venkatesh, Associate Professor at Concordia University, Director of Project SOMEONE and Co-Chair UNESCO-PREV at the launch of the module “Addressing Online Hate”, which took place at SERENE-RISC. 



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