Our research and creative teams tackle the challenges of hate speech head-on through the use of public, participative pedagogy projects with community collaborators. One such project, Landscape of Hate, uses a framework of multimedia improvisation with the objective of promoting and favouring the public voice in framing pluralistic dialogues about how we negotiate various forms of hate in our society. In July of 2019, members of Landscape of Hate and their friends in celebrated American extreme metal band Pig Destroyer worked with youth collaborators from various Montreal communities to create sonic and visual media that described their emotional engagement with terms such as hate, anger, and sorrow. You can watch a mini-documentary about this workshop which was held at the margins of the Heavy Montreal music festival here:

Another one of our community-oriented initiative, Landscape of Hope, explores the boundaries of inclusivity of marginalized youth by creating exclusive artistic spaces for them to project their unique narratives. In February of 2019, Landscape of Hope held its Canadian premiere at Concordia University in Montréal. You can watch a mini-documentary about how youth worked alongside members of Landscape of Hope to create a unique installation and performance to build a platform to magnify their narratives of resilience: