Welcome, Danny Mamlok PhD

Dr. Danny Mamlok recently joined Project Someone at Concordia University as part of his postdoctoral 

fellowship. Danny will be working with Dr. Sandra Chang-Kredl from the Department of Education and Dr. Vivek Venkatesh, the director of Project Someone from the Department of Art Education. The primary focus of the postdoctoral project is to develop better understanding of the relationship between children and social media, in light of hate speech.

Danny holds a PhD in Educational Leadership, Culture, and Curriculum from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. In his dissertation, Digital Technology and Education in the Age of Globalization, he explored social and cultural aspects of integrating technology and education, and specifically dealt with questions regarding democracy, education, and citizenship. The study examined how teachers’ understanding of digital tools, and teachers’ practices in the classroom, advance or resist democratic values. He has presented at national conferences, such as American Education Research Society (AERA) and Philosophy of Education Society (PES). In the current project, Danny wishes to move beyond critical examination and to develop curriculum practices for teachers, parents, and students to enhance their critical and cognized understanding of digital and virtual worlds.

As an interdisciplinary scholar, his research interests are varied, and include technology and education, sociocultural theories, critical pedagogy, democracy and education, aesthetic education, and qualitative research methodologies. His interdisciplinary approach will guide the research project.

Beyond academic life, Danny plays the classical guitar, and has a great interest in classical and Jazz music.