Someone and Grimposium’s nordiQC

Someone and Grimposium‘s upcoming nordiQC event is featured in the Journal de Québec.

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Showcase on Community Engagement

As an innovative urban next-generation university, Concordia engages with the community through a wide variety of initiatives. In all spheres – whether artistic, political, commercial and scientific – Concordians partner with community members to address social issues and shape our changing world. Involving community members at every step of the way, community-based research at Concordia seeks to address real world problems while creating and reinforcing the habits of participatory citizenship.

This YouTube video showcases Concordia University’s community engagement and includes the Someone project.


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L’extrême droite québécoise sous la loupe

Philippe Teisceira-Lessard, La Presse, reported on four presentations at the May ACFAS conference on Quebec’s far right.

Read more here about Vivek Venkatesh and Tieja Thomas’s presentation on speech softening after the recent attack in Quebec City.

Des groupes d'extrême droite comme La Meute tentent... (PHOTO SIMON GIROUX, LA PRESSE)

(Photo credit: Simon Giroux, La Presse)


‘I want to turn hate on its head’

Vivek Venkatesh spoke with Jesse Coady on April 24th about the Someone/Grimposium event “Landscapes of Hate”. Landscapes of Hate  (or Paysage de la haine) will be held as part of this year’s Acfas conference.

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Extrémisme(s) et radicalité(s) violente(s) de droite au Québec et dans l’espace francophone : regards croisés

Tieja Thomas, co-principal investigator and Vivek Venkatesh, director and principal investigator of the SOMEONE initiative, will participate in the symposium ”Extrémismes et radicalités violentes de droite au québec et dans l’espace francophone: regards croisés” or “Extremisms and radical violences of the right in Quebec and in the French-speaking world”.  The event will take place on May 12, 2017 from 9:00 am to 3:45 pm, and is organized by Alexandre Chevrier-Pelletier and Benjamin Ducol of the Centre de Prévention de la Radicalisation Menant à la Violence as part of the 85th Congress of ACFAS  (Association Francophone pour le savoir).

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SSHRC brings research in music to Acfas congress 2017

SSHRC may bring a little jazz to the 85th Congress of the Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas) at McGill University from May 8 to 12. This year, research in music is at the forefront of SSHRC’s two public events: one on May 9 that will examine resilience and radicalization through music, and one on May 10 about the impact of technology on music creation.

Vivek Venkatesh, an associate professor of education at Concordia University and creator of the SSHRC-funded festival Grimposium, will host a creative concert that will explore the themes of hate and discrimination. This will be followed by a discussion on how to build resilience against online hate speech. The event will take place at Katacombes on May 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the city’s theatre district.

On May 10 at 5:00 p.m., Isabelle Cossette, director of McGill’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT), will host an exhibit on the most recent technological tools used by researchers in the field of music. It will include a presentation on new musical instruments created by graduate students.  Researchers, students and others will then share their views on how technology is influencing research, music creation, recruitment and collaborations in the industry. The event will take place in McGill’s Tanna Schulich Hall in the Elizabeth Wirth Music Building.

Follow @SSHRC_CRSH to stay abreast of SSHRC’s activities during the Acfas congress. And have a look at the Acfas congress program (in French only) for details on the events and activities taking place.

The annual congress of the Association francophone pour le savoir hosts thousands of researchers and research users from about 30 countries. Over 200 symposia and more than 3,500 scientific papers are anticipated.

Symposium on radicalization and social suffering: redefining prevention

Social Study Day, 7 June 2017, New Residence Hall, McGill

Vivek Venkatesh will be leading a workshop on social media with Ghayda Hassan at the SHERPA symposium on “radicalization and social suffering: redefining prevention” on 7 June 2017.

This day long event is aimed at practitioners of the social field and in particular the professionals of health, social services and education. Focusing on concrete action plans, it will investigate the major stakes of the polarization phenomenon in plenary sessions, and will expose some innovative Québec prevention measures during thematic workshops.

Veillée en hommage aux victimes de l'attentat de la mosquée de Québec, 29.01.17

(Photo credit:  RAPS)

Vigil in tribute to the victims of the bombing of the mosque of Quebec City, 29.01.17

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Program (pdf)

Center for Expertise and Training on Religious Fundamentalism and Radicalization (CEFIR) – Talk at CEGEP Edouard Monpetit

On Thursday 30th March, 2017 from 9-11am, Vivek Venkatesh will be speaking about Someone at the Longueuil Campus Library Conference Room, CEGEP Edouard Monpetit as part of the “Centre d’expertise et de formation sur les intégrismes religieux et la radicalization” (CEFIR).

Unique in Quebec, CEFIR was created as a partnership between Cégep Édouard-Montpetit, the Cégeps de Saint-Hyacinthe and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and the Royal Military College of St. John. Hosted and managed by Cégep Édouard-Montpetit, the centre aims to prevent radicalization upstream among young people through an innovative and collaborative scientific approach between researchers and stakeholders.

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Strategies to Counter the Proliferation of Hate Speech Through Public Pedagogy

Professor Venkatesh introduced SOMEONE to the St. James Literary Society on 21st March, 2017 at St. Jax Church in Montreal. The event was free to members of the St. James Literary Society and $12 for non-members.

For more information about the society contact Sam Bowman on 514 484 0146.


University of Sherbrooke’s SoDRUS conference

Nicole Fournier-Sylvester will be talking about pedagogical strategies for the prevention of radicalization at the University of Sherbrooke’s SoDRUS (Centre de recherche Société, Droit et Religions de l’Université de Sherbrooke)  “Les racines religieuses de la radicalisation: fait ou fiction? Autopsie in terdisciplinaire des phénomènes de radicalisation menant ou non à la violence” or “The religious roots of radicalization: fact or fiction? Interdisciplinary autopsy of the phenomena of radicalization, leading or not to violence.”

The conference will bring together 24 specialists, namely professors-researchers from different disciplines (law, psychology, sociology, criminology, political science, religious studies), lawyers, stakeholders, as well as members of SoDRUS and many other research centers, who will discuss their reflections in a North American (Canada, US) and international context (Europe, Middle East, South-East Asia). 

It is taking part 4-6 May, 2017 at the Longueuil campus of the University of Sherbrooke. For more information click here. The event is free, however, as places are limited, you need to register here.