Horizon Postdoctoral Fellowship

Applications are now being accepted for the position of Horizon Postdoctoral Fellow at Project Someone. The research program is titled “Children’s Virtual Play: Developing Identity and Resilience in Early Childhood”.

Program description

Resilience in online worlds begins with children developing their self-knowledge and sense of empathy (projectsomeone.ca). ​The postdoc will examine the influence of digital technologies on young children and their play worlds, in order to generate new knowledge on children’s identities in online worlds and the role of media literacy in resilience-building. Specifically, the postdoc will: 1) Investigate the processes through which young children’s identities are formed in and influenced by online environments, through conducting qualitative observational research on children’s symbolic play in virtual spaces; 2) Conduct theoretical research on the links between children’s identity construction, virtual play, and practices that build resilience in online communities; and 3) Develop, evaluate and disseminate curriculum strategies for teachers and resource material for parents of young children.​ The postdoc will contribute a substantive interdisciplinary approach in each of these areas.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in Early Childhood Education, Child Psychology, Educational Technology, Child Studies or related fields, with experience in qualitative research methodologies, digital technology studies, or early childhood education.

For more information and to apply, see here.

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